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You know what never gets old? Your parents telling you how great you are. Sure, sometimes you listen to them and you think “Really? You think that about me? You do realize that I’m crazy, irrational, a mess and about to fall apart from the seams, right?”

Apparently, even though I feel like a giant mass of crazy, bizarre energy, Ma and Pop love me unconditionally. That is something I don’t think I’ll ever understand until I have a child of my own. Until then, I believe that I’ll remain the flighty, silly, indecisive girl that I am. My parents are a great example of what true love really is. You know why? Because they’re just great.

(I will probably always be a bit flight, silly and indecisive.)


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Ten Years.

Find Your Way Home

Today we remember the attacks wrought on our country by an extremist group. We remember the grief, the anger, the fear and the love felt on that day. And even though it was 3,650 days ago, we all recall exactly what we were doing when destruction was rained down on the country that we love. Everyone has a story, some more tragic than others, but they are our stories.

World Trade Center Tribute

I was 15 years old when September 11, 2001 came around, a sophomore at Brooke Point High School in Stafford, VA – just 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. I clearly remember not knowing about the attacks because I was in PE and there were no televisions. It wasn’t until I walked into my 4th period chorus class that I learned what was going on. The administration said that we weren’t to watch the news, but luckily most of our teachers ignored that instruction, as many of us had family who worked in the nation’s capital. I recall sitting at lunch – no one really eating, just wondering what in the world was going on, who would do this to us, and why, why, why…

Getting home was the most difficult part. I raced into the house, and immediately began trying to call my parents (can you imagine me without a cell phone? I got one soon after this). All phone lines were shut down. For the first time in my fifteen years on this planet, with parents who were trapped in D.C. and a brother who was searching for his first apartment in New York City, I felt utterly alone. It wasn’t until about 5:15PM that my grandma called me and let me know that everyone was safe. Our family was safe.

Virginia Loves NYC

There are moments that shape our lives. There are moments that shape our nation. September 11 was a day for both. We clung to each other, looking for love and solace. Our nation was truly united. Arguments forgotten, anger at each other left behind. Our grief and our tears brought us all together.

Remember that feeling as we lift those up who were lost on that day. The victims, our heroes, those watching the television in horror. September 11 is not a day for politics, it’s not a day to point a finger at the people who did this to us. Today is about us loving each other and remembering.

That day taught me how important family is, how important community is. I never knew how much it would shape my life, but it has had a big part in who I am today. My desire to always talk to my family, to love and respect others because you never know what the next day will bring. Ten years later, the love of my life is serving our country, far away from all that he loves on the saddest of days. I miss him with every fiber of my being, particularly today, when football is on and the air is getting cooler. But I am so proud of him.

Wall Of Rememberance

Tomorrow we will go on with our lives, as always. That is what makes our country so great. We do not run in the face of fear, we face it head on. We celebrate the differences in our country – black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, atheist, liberal, moderate, conservative – that is what makes us the United States of America. Remember that, especially today.


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