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As we get closer and closer to Independence Day, I keep thinking about The Fiance and how much I miss him. Independence Day is probably his favorite holiday and it’s my third favorite (you will notice that after Christmas (1) and Thanksgiving (2), all holidays are my third favorite). It probably has a lot to do with the potato salad and watermelon, but it is also most definitely about the pride he has for these here United States. He is currently serving our country and I am so terribly proud of him.

Last year on 7/4 we decided to go all out. We bought American flag bathing suits, flip flops, sunglasses, beach chairs, towels, t-shirts… everything. I even had my toenails painted like the Star-Spangled Banner. It was one of the more fun days of my life. It’s especially fun to hear The Fiance grunt “‘Merica” under his breath every fifteen minutes on the Fourth. Or when we’re watching extremely patriotic movies, like “The Patriot”. Or “Braveheart” which doesn’t really make sense, but whatever.

Waving at the boats in our 'Merica Gear

Pop and The Fiance get along very, very well. I think it stems from the fact that they are pretty much the same person. You always hear “You marry your father” and I definitely got that one down pat. They even look alike, more so than Pop and I. Ma and he get along really well, too. In fact, when I brought The Fiance home for the first time to meet the Parental Units, Ma said “He seems like such a nice boy!” You could have knocked me over with a feather. Ma has never liked any of the guys that I have dated. I think that’s the moment I knew that he was the one for me.

In any event, this Fourth of July weekend, let’s make sure we keep in mind all of our family, friends and fellow country(wo)men who are protecting us. I might not get to spend this Independence Day with The Fiance, but I know I will be wearing my American flag flip-flops and thinking about him all day long. Throw one back for him, ya’ll. Preferably an America shooter (recipe below).

America Shooter:

1/2 oz grenadine
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz blue curaçao

Step 1: Pour grenadine into shot class
Step 2: Float vodka on top of grenadine
Step 3: Float blue curacao on top of vodka

Happy Independence Day, ya’ll!



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Happy Father’s Day

I love my Pop, and I just want to give him a shout-out and let him know he’s the best Dad ever! Further proof is shown in this photo.

As you can see, I learned all of my defensive skills from Pop. Also, it appears that I am not the only one in the family with double-jointed shoulders. It’s possible that we didn’t start off with double-jointed shoulders, we just developed them as a safety mechanism.

Happy Father’s Day, Pop!

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Bye-bye Tree

I got a notice from my insurance company that my favorite tree in my backyard had to come down (probably due to the fact that a storm had taken out a giant limb). Well, luckily, Pop came down this weekend and we cut the entire thing down, with the extraordinary help of The Fiance’s brother (by the way, WE’RE ENGAGED! Me and The Boyfriend (henceforth known as The Fiance), not The Fiance’s brother).

So yeah, after a lesson in how to cut down limbs with something that looks very similar to what the Grim Reaper carries around (scythe?), we decided to just cut down the entire thing. So The Fiance’s brother and I pulled on a rope while Pop notched the tree, and it was falling perfectly… then I must have sneezed or something, because it suddenly turned 45 degrees and landed on the tree next to it and it’s totally stuck there. Also a terrifying moment, because for ten seconds after it fell, I couldn’t see Pop, and I honestly thought he had been crushed. Then I heard the sound of a beautiful, wheezy cough, and I knew he was fine, though desperately in need of some water.

Then the chainsaw wouldn’t start. Apparently Broski had bought this chainsaw for Pop awhile ago, and he’d been having nothing but problems with it. New carburateurs (oh wow, I spelled that right on the first try) have been purchased, and after watching Pop standing outside and then kicking the chainsaw a couple of times, we decided to call it a day. By the way, this is my official denouncement of Husqvarna chainsaws. Completely unreliable!

So basically, I have a fallen tree that’s resting against an upright tree in my backyard. I love my Pop and The Fiance’s brother for helping me get it down. I know I couldn’t have done it myself.

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Losing Things.


I spent an amazing long weekend in NYC with the Boyfriend. We traipsed through every burough within 36 hours, including Yankees Stadium, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, the Staten Island Ferry and of course 5th Ave.

Now to the hiccups of the trip. Broski was on his way back to VA on Friday morning, so I called him while he was on the train to find out where he left the keys. Well, he left them in his pocket. In the jeans he was wearing, while traveling to VA. So through a series of phone calls, a near panic attack by me and an amazing maintenance man named Sal, we got back into the apartment and made copies of the keys.

Additionally, on the trip home and in my stupor of slumber, I managed to leave all identification on the train when I got off at the stop in RVA. Amazing, right? I’m going to start supergluing important documents to my arms so that I don’t lose them anymore. I went to the DMV and I couldn’t get my license unless I had my birth certificate, which neither Pop nor I could locate. So he had to come all the way down to RVA and we had to go to the Department of Vital Records and prove my birth. He was not happy about this at all, and I can’t say that I blame him. Between the Broski and I, we are the most unorganized people in the world when it comes to things that identify us and things that get us into places (keys). I will say that the Department of Vital Records is the most efficient government agency that I have EVER dealt with, and we were in and out in 15 minutes with a birth certificate that validated me as a living human being.

I am now in possession of my driver’s license, and I feel much better knowing that if I come down with a sudden case of amnesia I’ll at least know my name and that I’m an organ donor. I’m also happy to report that my lost items were located on the Amtrak down in Charlotte, NC, and they are en route to me as we speak.

Broski did leave his keys in VA this weekend on his way back to The City. Unfortunately for him, Pop is so over both of us right now, I’d be surprised if those keys weren’t put in the oven and melted away.

Love you, Pop. You’re my hero, and thank you for everything that you do for me.

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I have decided to make a huge effort in updating this more. If I don’t, I fear everyone will think that I don’t talk to the fam, and that is certainly not the case. I usually talk to them about once a day, unless it’s raining really hard and I have to pay extra close attention to the road, or if I have such a busy day that I can’t even have a cup of coffee (that has never, ever happened).

Anyway! Since I last posted, I have become a homeowner. It is scary, exciting and amazing all wrapped up in one little package. The most overwhelming part is the fact that there are so many things to do! I (un?)fortunately did not buy one of those fresh-out-of-the-box houses, and therefore need to put a concerted effort into making it look presentable. The Boyfriend has been a big help in this, of course, because he owns every tool that was ever manufactured by DeWalt and in fact knows how to use him (ask him the funny story of when he asked me to get the staple gun and I brought him a saw. Well, I guess I just told you). However, the biggest helpers of all have been (drumroll) Ma and Pop.

Pop adds to The Boyfriend’s massive collection of handy tools and also brings along brute strength and stubbornness. Ma brings along frugality, a ridiculous amount of paint that she mixes herself and incredible painting skills. Not to mention, all of her hoarding has come in handy over the years. Purchasing anything and everything that is on sale is finally beneficial to me! I have a bunch of new light fixtures, a fan, and of course I got to take the spare washer and dryer with me (but really, who has a spare washer and dryer? Oh wait, my parents STILL DO).

Anyway, this is just another reminder to me that I do in fact have the BEST parents in the world, and I would be completely lost without them. I adore them and even if they sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, I know that I would never want to be without them.

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Last night, I called Pop to ask him about a house I saw on the market. I wasn’t feeling so hot and being the Most Awesome Dad In The World, he immediately picked up on it.

There’s something about his voice that makes me feel so safe and comfortable. Very quietly, he asked me, “Are you okay?”. I replied that I was fine, just tired and getting ready to go in and watch some football. He said “All right, pretty one. I love you, call me if you need anything.”

It’s nice to be reminded that even though I’m a big, bad grown-up now, I still have a daddy who is looking out for me. It makes everything a little less scary.

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Roswell, 1947

I called Pop this morning. He spent ten minutes trying to convince me that he’s an alien. This discussion was sparked by the UFO sightings in Texas, Manhattan, China, etc.

A little background. Pop was raised in Roswell, NM. He was an Air Force brat, to my Army brat. He was also born in 1947, the year of the Roswell UFO Incident. Growing up in a family where conspiracy theories run amok, he has maintained that he is an alien life-form. I believe him a little bit. Why else would a well-adjusted, outgoing girl like me love Sci-Fi movies and Star Trek more than almost anything on the planet (Earth, that is). My favorite thing to do when I go see Pop is to watch sci-fi movies with him. We’ve always been fascinated with the possibility of other life out there. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll leave my job and become a UFO tracker with Pop. That seems like a dream job. Plus, after all those years of watching Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate we are well prepared for anything that comes our way.

Ma and Pop are going camping today. I reside about one hour away from the parental units and it’s raining pretty hard. This will not deter them, however, because they have recently purchased a 14-foot RV that attaches to the back of Pop’s huge Chevy. I asked if I could borrow it next summer. He said “No, I bought it for Ma and me. None of you stupid kids are touching it. You’ll wreck it.” I pointed out that Ma was the one who was most likely to wreck it because if she looks at a car too long it explodes. Apparently Ma isn’t allowed to drive it either. Neither is Boyfriend. I asked, but apparently military training does not mean that you are capable of driving a 14-foot RV attached to the back of a huge Chevy.

Oh, and I talked to Ma for a bit yesterday. She has canned 20 jars of black bean soup and vegetarian chili for me. She’s the Korean equivalent to Superwoman.

ETA: The RV is 29-feet. That’s why I’m not allowed to drive it.

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