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Bye-bye Tree

I got a notice from my insurance company that my favorite tree in my backyard had to come down (probably due to the fact that a storm had taken out a giant limb). Well, luckily, Pop came down this weekend and we cut the entire thing down, with the extraordinary help of The Fiance’s brother (by the way, WE’RE ENGAGED! Me and The Boyfriend (henceforth known as The Fiance), not The Fiance’s brother).

So yeah, after a lesson in how to cut down limbs with something that looks very similar to what the Grim Reaper carries around (scythe?), we decided to just cut down the entire thing. So The Fiance’s brother and I pulled on a rope while Pop notched the tree, and it was falling perfectly… then I must have sneezed or something, because it suddenly turned 45 degrees and landed on the tree next to it and it’s totally stuck there. Also a terrifying moment, because for ten seconds after it fell, I couldn’t see Pop, and I honestly thought he had been crushed. Then I heard the sound of a beautiful, wheezy cough, and I knew he was fine, though desperately in need of some water.

Then the chainsaw wouldn’t start. Apparently Broski had bought this chainsaw for Pop awhile ago, and he’d been having nothing but problems with it. New carburateurs (oh wow, I spelled that right on the first try) have been purchased, and after watching Pop standing outside and then kicking the chainsaw a couple of times, we decided to call it a day. By the way, this is my official denouncement of Husqvarna chainsaws. Completely unreliable!

So basically, I have a fallen tree that’s resting against an upright tree in my backyard. I love my Pop and The Fiance’s brother for helping me get it down. I know I couldn’t have done it myself.


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