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The Best Day Of My Life

As many may know, The Fiance is getting home from his extended ‘vacation’ overseas. After long days turning into weeks, and long weeks that turned into months, I finally get to see him. The day he left was dubbed The Worst Day Of My Life – and I can still honestly say that it was. I felt empty and alone.

I recently recalled a fantastic conversation that I had with my Grandma. My Grandma, it has to be said, is one ballin’ woman. She is beautiful, intelligent, loving, and some would say stubborn (I am not saying that, I have just heard it said LOVE YOU GRANDMA). The day that The Fiance left, I must have called every person in my family seeking comfort. Pop, of course, gave me a bit of hard love. Ma cried along with me. My Auntie cried along with me. But Grandma had the words that truly carried me through my day.

Grandpa, who remains to this day one of the best men that I have ever met, was being shipped off. I don’t recall exactly where, due to the tears and snot streaming down my face, but I remember that he was going to be gone for a long time. At the time, he and my Grandma already had four kids – my three Aunties and Pop – so as she stood in the driveway she said good-bye to him, and kept her head up and her face strong. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, she took all the kidlings inside and got them playing. She then locked herself in the pantry and started crying her head off. It’s a scary thought, being without the one you love for any given amount of time.

In typical King family fashion, my Grandpa had forgotten something, so he rolled right back up into the driveway to retrieve it. Then he searched for my Grandma… and found her in the pantry, probably crying into her aprons, refusing to let her children see her like this. Of course he comforted her and loved her, as he always did when he was on this Earth (and I like to believe, still does).

I’m so lucky to have such strong female role models in my life. And I’m glad that my Grandma, in her way, told me that it was good for me to cry. And I hope that she thinks it’s okay for me to cry when I see my darling Fiance this weekend, and get to touch and hug and kiss him in person for the first time in a long time. I look forward to what I have already dubbed The Best Day Of My Life.


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