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Losing Things.


I spent an amazing long weekend in NYC with the Boyfriend. We traipsed through every burough within 36 hours, including Yankees Stadium, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, the Staten Island Ferry and of course 5th Ave.

Now to the hiccups of the trip. Broski was on his way back to VA on Friday morning, so I called him while he was on the train to find out where he left the keys. Well, he left them in his pocket. In the jeans he was wearing, while traveling to VA. So through a series of phone calls, a near panic attack by me and an amazing maintenance man named Sal, we got back into the apartment and made copies of the keys.

Additionally, on the trip home and in my stupor of slumber, I managed to leave all identification on the train when I got off at the stop in RVA. Amazing, right? I’m going to start supergluing important documents to my arms so that I don’t lose them anymore. I went to the DMV and I couldn’t get my license unless I had my birth certificate, which neither Pop nor I could locate. So he had to come all the way down to RVA and we had to go to the Department of Vital Records and prove my birth. He was not happy about this at all, and I can’t say that I blame him. Between the Broski and I, we are the most unorganized people in the world when it comes to things that identify us and things that get us into places (keys). I will say that the Department of Vital Records is the most efficient government agency that I have EVER dealt with, and we were in and out in 15 minutes with a birth certificate that validated me as a living human being.

I am now in possession of my driver’s license, and I feel much better knowing that if I come down with a sudden case of amnesia I’ll at least know my name and that I’m an organ donor. I’m also happy to report that my lost items were located on the Amtrak down in Charlotte, NC, and they are en route to me as we speak.

Broski did leave his keys in VA this weekend on his way back to The City. Unfortunately for him, Pop is so over both of us right now, I’d be surprised if those keys weren’t put in the oven and melted away.

Love you, Pop. You’re my hero, and thank you for everything that you do for me.


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