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Ma found my blog. Let me clarify that Ma is not a ‘hoarder’. You can easily navigate your way around her house without tripping over multiple piles of things. She just has a lot of stuff. But she does not ‘hoard’. Well, she might hoard food (500+ lbs. of sweet potatoes, an unlimited supply of grains?), but more in the way that a squirrel hoards nuts for the winter. You never know when you might need it.

I, however, have discovered something about myself. I have collected a ridiculous amount of clothing, so much so that when I was unpacking my boxes of apparel, I ran out of hangers. I have been coveting those soft, velvety hangers, and saw them at T.J. Maxx for a decent price a little bit ago, but didn’t grab them. Lucky for me! Ma saw them at your friendly neighborhood Costco and picked up a 50 pack for $12 or something ridiculously amazing like that. Her last words to me before leaving the house were “If you can’t hang up all of your clothes with all those hangers, I give up hope for you.” Sad!

You would think that actually seeing all of these different items of clothing, I would be happy because that means that I don’t have to go clothes shopping for awhile. The exact opposite is happening. If I see a cute top that I currently own, I think of that great belt I saw on the Anthropologie website that would perfectly complement it. Not to mention the great pair of shoes that I saw online at Forever21 and the millions of e-mails J.Crew sends me every day makes me desperate for new shorts to wear with the cute ankle boots I picked up last year in Aldo’s.

Do I have a problem? Maybe. But I’m happy about it. Every day I realize that I take after Ma more and more, so I take the good with the bad. She likes collecting food and kitchen containers and I like to collect things that I put on my body.


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Lessons From Ma

Last night, I came across a website called “My Mom Is A FOB“. This website is fairly genius. It recounts people such as myself who have a mother that was born and raised in an Asian country. A lot of the entries are about mixed up words, funny pronunciation and a lot of hazardous texting, but my favorites are the ones where the mother gives great advice (no matter how hilariously worded).

Ma has always been an advice giver about EVERY subject. It can be frustrating because sometimes I just want to read a book, but that’s okay. All of her advice makes sense. Because of my Ma, I now walk this planet as a strong, confident woman. I would like to pass on some of my Ma’s advice to everyone else:

1. Never EVER rely on a man.
2. A man who treats you badly is like a sick plant, cut it off at the root and throw it away.
3. If you want to be beautiful, SUFFER.
4. Practice 15 more minutes. It will make you better.
5. Never throw away any containers. Old containers are the best place to store kimchi and fish eyeballs.
6. If you wait long enough, everything will go on sale.
7. Do not stop learning. Just because you’re not taking a math class doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out your old books and do the problems on your own.
8. Korean made products are superior to every other make on the planet, especially containers and gardening tools.
9. If a man ever hits you, kill him. Or call Ma, she’ll kill him for you.
10. There is nothing uglier than a stupid woman.
11. There is nothing sadder than a smart woman pretending to be stupid.
12. Stand up straight.
13. Direct quote “It’s okay that you have a big head, that means you have big brains.”
14. Buy in bulk and learn how to can/freeze/dry your food to save it for later.
15. Feeling sick? Eat the spiciest food possible, because spicy scares germs.

That’s just 15. Who knows, I might make another post. There are so many more gems from my Ma, and I treasure them every single day.

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