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I have decided to make a huge effort in updating this more. If I don’t, I fear everyone will think that I don’t talk to the fam, and that is certainly not the case. I usually talk to them about once a day, unless it’s raining really hard and I have to pay extra close attention to the road, or if I have such a busy day that I can’t even have a cup of coffee (that has never, ever happened).

Anyway! Since I last posted, I have become a homeowner. It is scary, exciting and amazing all wrapped up in one little package. The most overwhelming part is the fact that there are so many things to do! I (un?)fortunately did not buy one of those fresh-out-of-the-box houses, and therefore need to put a concerted effort into making it look presentable. The Boyfriend has been a big help in this, of course, because he owns every tool that was ever manufactured by DeWalt and in fact knows how to use him (ask him the funny story of when he asked me to get the staple gun and I brought him a saw. Well, I guess I just told you). However, the biggest helpers of all have been (drumroll) Ma and Pop.

Pop adds to The Boyfriend’s massive collection of handy tools and also brings along brute strength and stubbornness. Ma brings along frugality, a ridiculous amount of paint that she mixes herself and incredible painting skills. Not to mention, all of her hoarding has come in handy over the years. Purchasing anything and everything that is on sale is finally beneficial to me! I have a bunch of new light fixtures, a fan, and of course I got to take the spare washer and dryer with me (but really, who has a spare washer and dryer? Oh wait, my parents STILL DO).

Anyway, this is just another reminder to me that I do in fact have the BEST parents in the world, and I would be completely lost without them. I adore them and even if they sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, I know that I would never want to be without them.


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